About Apex Executive Suites

Growing Your business... Intelligently


Perry Litchfield is a native-born San Rafael attorney, philanthropist, construction company owner, hotel entrepreneur, and civic leader.  President/CEO of APEX, Litchfield also owns Resolution Remedies, an arbitration/mediation firm that employs a distinguished panel of retired judges and active attorneys for the purpose of swift and just dispute resolution outside the courtroom.

“I like variety in my life,” smiles the affable Litchfield, “and as I was acquiring more and more businesses, I came to realize the utter brilliance and profound convenience of providing executive suites, virtual offices, and conference rooms to businesses struggling with an unfriendly economy and soaring expenses.

For over 30 years, I have housed my law practice on the top floor of Courthouse Square, a legendary Marin County location which is something of a landmark and vital business center for the North Bay economy.  When adjacent offices became available, it was a natural evolution for me to retain the space, convert the property into a renovated, sprawling office complex, and create a network of interlocking conference rooms and executive suites that now make up my newest company, Apex Suites.




I am really proud of the work that has made the eighth floor a sparkling new crowning achievement for Marin County and North Bay businesses.  We have installed only the best in conference room technology, conference room furniture, and executive suite office functions.  We have created a high-speed, ultra-efficient work environment that is equal to the high-speed teleconferencing capabilities of our 50-inch TV screens which grace each of our nine conference rooms.

And we have assembled a thoroughly professional staff drawn from a diverse field of occupations – law, government, public service, hospitality – that is on hand and completely prepared to guide our users through the relatively new world of online officing, virtual offices, and conference room rentals.

We believe this approach to business is the wave of the future.  We have all had to adjust our personal and business lives dramatically to keep pace with the wavering and sometimes unsettling vagaries of the economy. 



Apex honors those adjustments.  Everything about our firm is geared to enhance your business performance while, at the same time, drastically cutting your business expenses.

Business these days also needs to be fun and life-enhancing, which is why I devoted a significantly sized corner of the penthouse space into a larger-than-ordinary business cafeteria, which is, in fact, bigger and more attractive than many restaurants around town.  And, with the jaw-dropping vistas and views from the top floor, your breakfast or lunch experience can border on fine dining.

Apex Suites fills a distinct need in today’s tough and challenging business climate. We are here to guide you through the daunting icebergs of a turbulent sea, to help make your business streamlined and efficient, and to introduce you to a new and immediately profitable way for you to conduct your business."