Office Accommodations

Each Conference Room boasts state-of-the-art technology, providing video-conferencing on 50-inch TV screens mounted on the walls above the conference tables.

Additional services such as copying, hot and cold meal availability, conference calling, postage service and others are available for a nominal fee.  A spacious cafeteria with all the comforts of dining is available in a quiet corner of the penthouse.

Coffee, sodas, refreshments and many other incidental services are free of charge.

The entire floor is lavishly decorated in soothing colors, fine art, top-of-the line furnishings, elegantly varnished conference tables, comfortable first-class conference table chairs, and an overall ambience of classy professionalism perfectly suited to the accomplishment of hard work in a tranquil setting.


In San Rafael, CA

Apex Conference Room Rental

Custom Accommodations to fit your needs

Modern Conference Rooms


Apex Suites is located on the top floor of the eight-story Courthouse Square Building in the center of San Rafael, California’s business, cultural, culinary, banking, and local merchant community.

The entire penthouse floor has recently been renovated and modernized to accommodate your Conference Room rental needs.   What Apex Suites offers is a comprehensive selection of business solutions, including meeting rooms, virtual offices, physical offices, and video conferencing.

Our wide variety of office space includes:  a small Conference Room, seating up to four people, from $35 per half-hour to $225 full day; a medium Conference Room, seating 8 people, from $45 per half-hour to $345 full day; a large Conference Room, seating 10 people, from $55 per half-hour to $400 full day; an extra large Conference Room, seating up to 14 people, from $75 per half-hour to $395 full day; a Conference Hall, seating up to 35 people, from $95 per half-hour to $595 full day; and an Individual Office, seating up to 3 people, from $25 per half-hour to $195 full day.


Elegantly Appointed Lobby


The rooms afford breathtaking views of the panorama of Bay Area sites, from the East Bay hills looking toward Oakland and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge on the building’s east side to the sprawling canvas of Marin trees, hillsides, forests and trails on the building’s west side.  Centerpiece of Apex Suites scenery is Marin’s most recognizable triumph of nature, stately Mt. Tamalpais, which fills the windows of the penthouse views looking south.

The picturesque sights offer a serene sort of backdrop to what can be intense business transactions, and they afford occasional moments of rest and refreshment as the business day moves forward.

Apex Suites boasts a fully accredited professional staff drawn from the world of business, law, event coordination, executive assistance, hospitality coordination, and public service.  Your comfort and convenience is our top priority.