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Apex Virtual Offices

Custom Accomodations to fit your needs

“Virtual Office” should not be a confusing, obscure term.  When you think about it, in fact, it is the perfect and perfectly simple antidote for any number of business troubles that have plagued our nation’s economy for over 4 years now.

Boiled down to its barest essentials, “Virtual Office” merely means shared office space showcasing professional appearance, short-term flexibility, and a full-service complement of business needs without hooking you into a long-term leasing agreement.

Without having to be in our offices in person, you will receive a prestigious business address, telephone and fax numbers, and personalized telephone answering service, as well as mail forwarding assistance and a 24-hour a day “Virtual Secretary” utilizing all the contemporary communications devices we have all come to appreciate.

The freedom of not having to maintain a physical office presence produces for you an unlimited potential to maximize your energies, business contacts, and out-of-office mobility without compromising your professional integrity and reputation.

We view “Virtual Officing” as one way to adjust to the vagaries of a wavering economy.  Stressed economic times call for creative thinking when it comes to time management, short-term office arrangements, and streamlined business expenses.  Instead of caving in to the ongoing slump of the business climate, we offer “Virtual Officing” as an efficient, cost-conscious way to steer your enterprise through the minefields of a faltering economic downswing.

The concept of virtual office has roots in the natural convergence of technological innovation and the Information Age.  The phrase “everything but the office” has been used frequently to describe this modern business concept.

A virtual office blends home and work to gain efficiencies in both.  Office expenses are kept low while, at the same time, the user’s professionalism retains the image of a traditional, high-end office.  Virtual offices also contribute to environmental enhancements, foremost of which is the reduction of commuter traffic.

Virtual office users can also allow for low-cost expansion with no long-term commitments.  Professionals using virtual office can also eliminate traditional business burdens like payroll, health care, insurance, records, and rent, not to mention traditionally expensive items like sick days, vacations, and personal leaves.

Apex Virtual Office has created an environment perfectly suited to this modern phenomenon best described as an “online workplace.”  We help clients reduce overhead while keeping expenses to a minimum, all while maintaining a prestigious address in Marin County, California.  It’s a great fit – the portability of today’s technology converging with a more flexible work environment. Our convenient downtown San Rafael office is available on an hourly basis, providing the "physical" component to the "virtual" office experience.  All you need to do, literally and immediately, is to “plug in” to Apex Virtual Office to keep your enterprise thriving as before and, in fact, soaring beyond your expectations.